Privacy Policy
Rights of the Personal Data Subject At any time, the Subject of personal data has the right to: change, update, supplement the provided Personal data; change the privacy settings of Personal Data using the edit function in your Profile; delete Personal data in the Profile. In this case, the Operator will not be able to fulfill its obligations under the Offers; restore Personal data in the Profile. The personal data subject has the right to send the Operator a request for Processing in the manner prescribed by the Policy, including containing: confirmation of the fact of Processing; the legal basis for the Processing; the purposes and methods of Processing used by the Operator; what kind of Personal Data is processed and the source of their receipt; terms of Processing, including the terms of storage of Personal Data; the procedure for exercising the rights provided for by law; information on the performed or expected cross-border data transfer; information about the persons to whom Personal Data may be disclosed on the basis of an agreement with the Operator or in accordance with the law; name or surname, first name, patronymic and address of the person performing the Processing on behalf of the Operator, if the Processing has been entrusted or will be entrusted to such a person; other information provided by law. , Placing materials on the Site / Borrowing materials The user guarantees that he has all the necessary rights to use the materials posted on the Site, and also obtained the consent of all persons depicted in the materials for such use. The user guarantees that the posting of materials on the Site and their use does not violate any rights of third parties (including copyright, related, etc.). The materials posted on the Site must not violate the rules (including offending the honor and dignity of third parties, contribute to inciting religious, racial or ethnic hatred, etc.). When posting materials on the Site, the user grants the Site Administration free of charge non-exclusive rights to use, reproduce, distribute, process, create, as well as demonstrate materials and bring them to the public through the Site. The user understands that the materials posted on the site become available to third parties, and therefore there is a risk of their unauthorized use against the will of the Site Administration. In any case, the responsibility for unauthorized copying and use of materials posted by the user lies with the persons and organizations that have unauthorized use of such materials. Any borrowing / copying of materials posted on the Site is prohibited, unless the prior consent of the authors and the Site Administration is obtained for such borrowing / copying. The Site Administration reserves the right to selectively pre-moderate materials posted by users, and in case of violations or provisions of this Agreement, reject the posting. , Processing, composition and subjects of Personal data The legal grounds for Processing are the Consent and acceptance of the Offer. Collection of Personal Data The Operator collects Personal Data in the following ways: The subject of personal data voluntarily provides data: when filling out the System forms, using communication tools, including by phone, by e-mail, etc .; automatic collection of data about the User using technologies, web protocols, cookies, web tags, which are launched only when you enter your data. The Operator stores Personal Data: exclusively on secure electronic media; The System using Automated Processing, except for cases when manual Processing is necessary in connection with the fulfillment of legal requirements; using databases located on the territory of the organization; from the moment of obtaining the Consent and during the period of its validity. The Operator does not distribute and does not provide Personal Data to third parties without Consent, except for the following cases: if it is necessary to provide personal data to achieve the purposes of their Processing to any third parties, as well as if third parties are involved in the provision of services for such purposes (carriers, transport companies ); when using analytical programs; in order to prevent, suppress illegal actions of the Personal Data Subject, protect the legitimate interests of the Operator and third parties; upon a reasoned request from the judiciary, state security bodies, prosecutors, police, investigative bodies, other bodies and organizations in cases established by regulatory legal acts that are binding. The operator warns the recipients that the transmitted data can only be used for the purposes for which they were communicated. In case of confirmation of the fact of inaccuracy of the Personal Data, the Operator updates them. The Operator Destroys Personal Data in the following cases: the presence of a security threat ost of the Services; expiration of the storage period for Personal Data; at the request of the User. The Operator deletes all information received from the User when he withdraws his Consent. The right to use the Services is terminated. The Operator has the right to temporarily stop the Processing (unless the Processing is necessary to clarify the Personal Data). Personal data subjects are Users who: have indicated data in the forms of the System. browse the System, have passed the Registration; contacted the Operator by e-mail, phone; indicated as recipients of the goods; downloaded the mobile application to their device. Operator Processes general Personal data: last name, first name, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, passport data when sending goods or receiving prepaid goods. Operator Processes technical information if it can be correlated with the Personal Data Subject: IP address, type of operating system, type of browser, geographic location, Internet service provider; Information about the behavior of the Subject of personal data in the System (including the date, time and number of visits, information about the pages visited, the products viewed, the transition from other resources, the advertisements viewed, the requests sent, reviews and questions). Information automatically obtained when accessing the System, including through the use of cookies. Online payment data. When the Subject of personal data makes online payments, the Operator Processes only data on the time, method and amount of payment. Other data, including information about a bank card, is processed on the side of the bank and in accordance with its rules. The Operator perceives the Personal data uploaded by the Subject “as is” and does not verify: the legal capacity of the Subject of personal data; the accuracy of the provided Personal Data. The User guarantees: the accuracy and relevance of the provided Personal Data; compliance of Personal Data with legislation; obtaining the consent of a third party for the transfer of Personal Data to the Operator and their Processing.